Zendesk Marketing Case Study - D-Ticket Designs

Jun 20, 2019
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Welcome to the D-Ticket Designs Zendesk Marketing Case Study. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the successful marketing strategies employed by D-Ticket Designs to help Zendesk, a renowned company specializing in Computers, Electronics, and Technology - Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design, establish a prominent online presence and surpass its competitors.


Before we dive into the specifics, let's take a moment to understand the significance of effective marketing in today's digital landscape. In a highly competitive industry like Computers, Electronics, and Technology - Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design, standing out from the crowd is crucial for success. This is where D-Ticket Designs comes in, leveraging their expertise to help clients like Zendesk gain a competitive edge.

The Challenge

When Zendesk approached D-Ticket Designs for assistance, they were facing numerous challenges. Despite being a leader in their field, they struggled to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract substantial organic traffic. D-Ticket Designs understood the importance of a strong online presence and devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to help Zendesk overcome these obstacles.

Keyword Research and Analysis

At the core of any successful SEO campaign lies thorough keyword research and analysis. D-Ticket Designs conducted extensive research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for Zendesk. By understanding what users were searching for in the Computers, Electronics, and Technology - Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design industry, we were able to optimize Zendesk's content and improve their rankings.

Optimized Website Structure

D-Ticket Designs revamped Zendesk's website structure to ensure it adhered to industry best practices for search engine optimization. We focused on intuitive navigation, internal linking, and organized content categorization. This not only improved the user experience but also facilitated search engine crawlers in understanding and indexing Zendesk's web pages more effectively.

Content Strategy

No SEO strategy is complete without compelling and informative content. D-Ticket Designs collaborated with Zendesk's team to create engaging case studies, informative blog posts, and relevant industry insights. By consistently publishing valuable content that addressed the needs of their target audience, Zendesk was able to strengthen their online presence and build authority within their industry.

On-Page Optimization

In addition to developing high-quality content, D-Ticket Designs implemented on-page optimization techniques to further enhance Zendesk's visibility on search engines. This included optimizing meta tags, headlines, and image alt text with target keywords. By strategically incorporating these elements, we were able to maximize the visibility of Zendesk's web pages in SERPs.

Link Building and Outreach

Building strong backlinks from authoritative websites is a crucial element in any successful SEO campaign. D-Ticket Designs devised a proactive outreach strategy to secure high-quality backlinks for Zendesk. By leveraging our industry connections and creating valuable partnerships, we were able to improve Zendesk's domain authority, thus increasing their chances of outranking competitors.

Results and Success Metrics

Thanks to D-Ticket Designs' comprehensive SEO campaign, Zendesk experienced remarkable improvements in their online presence. Organic traffic increased significantly, leading to a substantial rise in qualified leads and sales. Zendesk's website now consistently ranks highly on the most competitive keywords related to Computers, Electronics, and Technology - Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design, increasing brand visibility and industry authority.


As demonstrated by this Zendesk Marketing Case Study, D-Ticket Designs' expertise in SEO and high-end copywriting has propelled our clients to unprecedented success. Through strategic keyword targeting, website optimization, compelling content creation, and effective link building, we help businesses like Zendesk outrank competitors and establish a strong online presence in the Computers, Electronics, and Technology - Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design industry. Contact D-Ticket Designs today to embark on your path towards digital excellence!

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