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Why D-Ticket Designs?

Home Based

D-Ticket Designs is a home based web and graphic solution business which means that we are able to run on little or no overhead, thus passing the savings on to you. We have been doing web development, web design, graphic design and logo design for over two decades. We pride ourselves on friendly customer service. All communcation goes directly through the owner, and nothing leaves without his personal stamp of approval. We LOVE working with the "moms and pops", but are well equipped to handle large scale jobs as well.
"If you're looking for cookie cutter design, you're in the wrong place."

Don Vanderloo - Owner
"If you're looking for cookie cutter design, you're in the wrong place."

Don Vanderloo - Owner

Reasonable Fees

Each job that D-Ticket Designs bids on is considered on a case-by-case basis. We are not a member of the Graphic Artist's Guild, but use their scale as a base for our pricing. Because of our low overhead, we tend to bid significantly lower than The Guild suggests. We evaluate each job on criteria including: complexity of programming, potential client contribution of materials, original artwork needed, copy writing necessary and turnaround time expected.


You are looking at our only form of advertising - our website. We don't do mailers. We don't advertise on radio or TV or in the papers. Our business is 99.9% word of mouth. Because of this, our goal is to make sure that you're not only satisfied with our work, but absolutely ecstatic so you'll go tell all your friends and neighbors about D-Ticket Designs.


Your business doesn't need to be located in Sacramento (or California, or the United States for that matter!) to take advantage of our services. We've done work for businesses thousands of miles away thanks to online proofing that we offer. California to New York ... United States to Timbuktu, D-Ticket Designs can help promote your business with outstanding, affordable web development, web design and graphic design solutions.

To Whet Your Appetite ...

web design placer county beach volleyball


Features: Video, Live Weather Feed, Blog, Player Sign Up, Facebook Feed, Interactive Forum, Updateable Profile Pages, Animated Photo Gallery, Events Calendar
web development patty mastracco


Features: Video, Animated Photo Gallery, Interactive Recipe Pages, New Site AND Logo Design
web development patty mastracco


graphic design williams sonoma

William's Home Collections

Full-color quarter page ROP
logo design volleyball tournament

Volleyball Tournament Logo

Logo design for annual volleyball tournament. Used in web header. Printed on tee shirts. Inscribed on awards.

Our Most Recent Work

web development by d-ticket designs

Heart to Heart Ministries


Strip down an already existing site to barebones and build it from the ground up.


  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Admin Page
  • Event Calendar
  • Online Event Signup
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Google Analytics

And we ...

Assisted with Facebook account set up. Created MailChimp account for bulk emailings. Tutored the client on overall site functionality including in depth training on their custom CMS.

And they said ...

'Don is able to translate a wish list into an attractive, viable website and he will tutor you with "how to" screen shots, so that there is no administrative confusion.'

What's All The Hub-Bub?

Your knowledge, expertise and creativity has made a marked difference in the design of my brochure, business card and website. You made it all too easy and surprisingly affordable. I got more than I really was bargaining for.
Rob G.
Glantz Real Estate Inspections
So far, I've received compliment after compliment on your design. The words being used are "classy", "simple", and "totally you, Buffy."
Buffy M.
Buffy McGhie Photography
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